Yacht charter vacation probably the safest post-coronavirus vacation

Yacht charter vacation probably the safest post-coronavirus vacation

For those who are thinking that a boat charter is not possible, are thinking wrong. At NCP in Croatia they are already busy starting their season. Maybe you had plans to book a boat vacation this year? In this article you can take a look behind the scenes an discover how charter company’s deal with COVID-19.

Safety precautions and procedures

NCP & MARE is a leading Croatian yacht charter with 25 years of experience. They are located in the middle of the Adriatic coast, in the Mandalina Marina in Šibenik surrounded with numerous islands. From there base you can reach the beautiful Kornati islands in just a day of sailing. Suddenly the coronavirus came. How they should deal with COVID-19 is something they have clearly thought about.

To ensure a safe vacation they prepared a list of safety precautions and procedures that comply with all safety standards of the Civil Protection Head Quarters in Croatia. A technical team and cleaning staff is responsible for the implementation of the safety measures.

Hereby is detailed cleaning and disinfection of all exposed surfaces an important step.  Cabins, galley, toilets, showers and cockpit are thoroughly cleaned. This is done with special attention including disinfection of doors, knobs, cabinets, steering wheel, navigation screens, etc. In the video below you can take a look behind the scenes how NCP is taking measures.

Safe & clean label

 The company TERRANAUTIKA established in Dubrovnik (Croatia), which operates as a Destination Management Company in entire Croatia and Montenegro, even came up with a ‘safe & clean’ label.


This company organizes unique and tailor-made experiences including exclusive yacht charters. When they create a program or a service for there clients, they follow a strict checklist to ensure that all measures have been taken. There contracted partners are equally accountable to comply with the recommended measures defined by the Croatian and Montenegrin governments. Such as social distancing, private transport, implementing personal hygiene and disinfection, etc. Safety and wellbeing of their clients is utmost priority at TERRANAUTIKA.

Croatia borders are open

Good to know is the fact that due to the excellent COVID situation in Croatia borders are open for all EU tourists who have booked a vacation including boat charters. For official updated info you can consult the website of the Croatian government. For more details klick here.

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Editor: Wim Vercauter