Torqeedo – New products in 2017

Torqeedo – New products in 2017

Torqeedo brings the latest BMW automotive battery technology to the water

BMW i3 high voltage batteries have made the very latest in automotive battery engineering available for boats equipped with Torqeedo Deep Blue systems. This development means that high voltage batteries are available for boats equipped with Torqeedo’s 40 or 80 horsepower electric motor system.

The prismatic cell design allows efficient cooling, a compact size, even temperature distribution within the battery – with an extremely rugged structure from automated production protecting the cells. The very rugged design is ideal for boat applications that require superior shock resistance.


The BMW i high-voltage battery offers the highest level of currently available energy densities in particularly long-life, high-voltage batteries from industrial production – at a significantly lower cost per watt-hour.

Alternative to Sailboat inboard diesels

Torqeedo’s Cruise pod drives are a true alternative to inboard diesels. The motor unit, proven successful in thousands of outboards, is just one component of an integrated system that offers superior performance and convenience.

It is complemented by lithium batteries, developed to work flawlessly with Torqeedo motors, together with new electronic throttles and the modern, state-of-the-art user interface on high-resolution marine displays. The system can be charged from shore power, from solar and from a generator. It also creates its own energy, acting as a hydro-generator while under sail.

Boattrial_Torqeedo Pod System overview

For the Cruise Pod motor system the German manufacturer was recognized as Overall Winner of the DAME Award 2016. The jury praised the Torqeedo Cruise FP for “its beautiful engineering and close attention to detail design, its integrated approach, its compact dimensions and its market realistic price”. Sailboat manufacturer Hanse Yachts is offering this electric propulsion as standard equipment for the Cruiser sailing yacht Hanse 315 eMotion.

Torqeedo’s most popular motor now available with 73% higher range


The popular Travel 1003 is now available in a version with longer range and run time, courtesy of its lightweight 6 kg, 915 Wh battery. The Torqeedo Travel 1003 C offers the same propulsive power as a 3 HP gasoline outboard, while the thrust performance is equivalent to a comparable 4 HP gasoline motor. This higher capacity battery combined with the superior overall efficiency of the Travel motors means the Travel 1003 C can run for 18 nm (33 km) at a speed of 3 knots (5.5 km/h).

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