New generation YAMAHA outboard engines

New generation YAMAHA outboard engines

New F115B and F175
YAMAHA four stroke outboard engines are one of the most innovative and lightest available. Their power range is from 2.5 up to 300 hp. A great addition to this four stroke family is the New F175 and F115B. Both engines have many advantages related to new technologies made by Yamaha. According to D’Ieteren Sport the release of these new engines is planned in the spring 2014.

Best power-to-weight ratio in its class
New revolutionary technology and design makes it possible to save weight. The New F175 outboard weighs just 225 kg, what is surprisingly little for an engine of this size. The New F115B is only weighing 175 kg (13kg less than the current F115A), what makes him a very versatile unit delivering the highest power-to-weight performance in its class. Furthermore their in-line four cylinder design and electronic fuel injection makes the engines compact and strong. It is clear that both engines could be the ideal replacement for a two stroke engine for boat owners who are interested in a reliability and environmentally concept of a four stroke engine without gaining weight!

Exceptional performance and minimized vibration
The Yamaha four stroke family features electronic fuel injection controlled by an Engine Control Module. This system continually adjusts the fuel mixer to properly match engine load and speed. This results in improved fuel efficiency and quit performance. The F175 shifts also smoother because of its unique Shift Dampener system (SDS). The F115B is supplied with a new Talon Series aluminum propeller with noise and vibration damping.

Digital network and security system
Both new models can be equipped with a Digital Network System to communicate with the latest multifunctional gauges. Furthermore these engines have an exclusive Yamaha Customer Outboard Protection (Y-COP), which offers the same security as you would expect on a car. To immobilize the engine, until you want to start again, you simply press the button on a remote key fob.

Yamaha F115B images

Yamaha F175 images

Some key features

115 HP 175 HP
1.8 liter 2.8 liter
DOHC 16 valve 4 cylinder engine DOHC 16 Valve 4 cylinder engine
175 kg 225 kg
Y-COP security system Y-COP security system
Variable trolling system Variable trolling system
35 Ampère alternator 50 Ampère alternator

See the Yamaha Marine Engines page on the Yamaha website
Source: Yamaha – D’Ieteren Sport