Yamaha New 2015 outboards

Yamaha New 2015 outboards

Yamaha announces All New F8 outboards and a New improved and lighter version of the F150.

Their four stroke outboard engines are one of the most versatile available on the market. In 2014 we witnessed the release of the F175 and F115B. The introduction of new revolutionary technologies resulted in saving weight and creating better performance. We can even say that the launch of these engines created a competitive challenge between manufacturers.

According to D’Ieteren Sport we may expect in 2015 an even more attractive range of Yamaha outboards.

F8 – New portable outboards with even higher torque

The new F8 and its partner, the High Thrust F8T, are a great asset to a rage of portable outboards. Since these popular portable outboards have now more torque, seem to be more stylish and are extremely user-friendly.

They feature a smart and compact top cowling design as found on larger Yamaha models. Have 7.5% greater displacement for more torque and thrust. And still offer the benefits of fuel efficiency, smooth quietness and lightweight for which they are well known around the world. A new ergonomic design has been introduced for the tiller handle, which has a convenient length and features a comfortable–to-use shift lever.

Above all a twin-cylinder 4 stroke Yamaha concept provides a reliable operation.

Picture of the All New F8 outboard

F150 – Making the best even better

Yamaha engineers have taken the F150 to another level by introducing new driver-friendly features, as well as some of the latest developments from their most recent and advanced engines. The result is a better power-to-weight ratio and a sparkling performance. Besides, we see a very good looking F150 in line 4 cylinder outboard.

The powerful 2.7 litre engine already sets a reference standard for combustion efficiency, economy and dependability. By giving it the advantage of 4-valves-per-cylinder, the engine can breathe easily, and operates more smoothly and quietly with its sophisticated 4-1 exhaust system. The new model also has a tougher 8-tooth ‘dog clutch’ (2 teeth more than previously) for smoother trouble-free shifting and a longer life.

Also important to mention is that this new F150 benefits from Yamaha’s electronic and technological advances as: Variable RPM speed control; Digital network system; Y-cop protection system; the exclusive SDS shift damper.

Picture of the New improved F150 outboard

Some specifications (provisional data)

F8 / F8T F150
Horse Power 8 HP 150 HP
Engine spec 2 cylinder fourstroke 212 cc 4 cylinder fourstroke 2700 cc
Max. RPM 5000-6000 RPM 5000-6000 RPM
Fuel system carburetor electr.multi-port fuel injection
Gear ration 2.08:1 (F8) / 2.92:1 (F8T) 2.00:1
Weight 38 Kg (83 lbs) 218 kg (480 lbs)

See the Yamaha Marine Engines page on the Yamaha website
Source: Yamaha – D’Ieteren Sport – website