Dominator ILUMEN 28M

Dominator ILUMEN 28M

A New milestone in yachting industry

One of the most exciting moments in yacht development in 2017 was the launch of the Dominator ILUMEN 28M. From its ground-breaking concept with innovative engineering solutions and the application of advanced materials and technologies, the Dominator ILUMEN sets a New milestone in the luxury yachting industry.

boattrial-ilumen-milestone-in-yachting-industry-cTo build the ILUMEN it took more than 10.000 hours of craftsmanship.  In relation to the Dominator business philosophy the development of the ILUMEN started with the aim to exceed the clients expectations. The result is a unique yachting experience like no other. A 28-meter yacht with the characteristics of a huge mega yacht, with a striking appearance and a challenging design.

According to the Italian designer Alberto Mancini design is more important than ever. Today owners want a yacht that offers the ultimate blend of performance, style, luxury amenities and comfort.  And indeed, the features such as the owner’s cabin with front entrance, a beautifully curved glass frontage, the rotating beach platform and the impressive almost floating fly bridge are unique, industry-leading features.

To construct a flexible lightweight High Performance hull Dominator chose to build a handmade superstructure with carbon fiber, epoxy and resin. This method reduces the weight and reinforces the hull. Because of this construction process, typical for mega yachts, the hull is covered with epoxy filler and paint instead of common used gelcoat. Dominators engineers also emphasize the fact that the gloss of paint and the durability in the years is never reachable with gelcoat. Every ILUMEN yacht can even be prepared to meet the MGN 280 compliance certification that enables them to be operated commercially.

“To us ILUMEN is more than just a yacht or a luxurious product. It symbolizes the love of manmade beauty that is not only in harmony with nature but complements it and represents a desire to contribute to a better world. To own an ILUMEN or strive for one is connected to the obligation to strive for a better world, support our fellow man and promote peace and beauty in the world.” Says Dr. August Pernsteiner, visionary and owner of the Dominator ship yard. The name ILUMEN stands for the illumination of ideas and engineering processes.  Managing partner Angela Pernsteiner was ‘the’ driving force behind the ILUMEN project that binds different experts and craftsmen together.


Our experience on board

BoatTrial was able to attend the launch of this New ILUMEN M28 in Monaco and to perform a sea trial on Mediterranean waters with the first ILUMEN hull ‘MY Kalliente’.

When we arrive in the Port of Monaco the striking appearance of the ILUMEN instantly attracts our view.  Once on board we first descend to the engine room. Two MAN V8-1200 diesel engines take care of the propulsion with two push/pull Counter Rotating Propellers. Also Fischer Panda Generators with variable speed technology are present to fulfill the needs of electric power, for example for climatization. We are told that a solar control interlayer film in the glassed areas lowers direct heat transmittance from the sun by 40 % to further aid energy efficiency, making the ILUMEN more environmentally friendly and economical to run.

Inside the yacht we see custom-made furniture and bulkheads finished in the most opulent materials such as backlit white onyx, ebony, white oak, silk, Zimmer and Rhode fabrics, suede ceilings and satin-like nubuck leather. The ILUMEN 28M provides a perfect balance between comfort and style. Very fancy in the salon is a beautifully finished buffet where you can serve your champagne and appetizers in style.

A unique detail is the connection between the master bedroom and the front deck. This cabin also seems to be equipped with an Active Noise Control system  that allows to actively mitigate the noise inside the cabin of a Yacht, focusing on the area of the pillows of the bed. The ANC system creates a virtual no-noise bubble of up to 2 meters radius into the pillows zone of the bed. Another nice detail are ‘zero impact’ Multiducer invisible speakers, integrated into the interior of the cabins, that transform any surface they are embedded into a high performance audio system. The most summit on the ‘MY Kalliente’ is the whirlpool on the fly bridge.

Time to leave the port and to sail to the open waters

During our trial we take the steering wheel on the flybridge, here we have the best view and are well protected from the sun by a retractable sun roof. The seating position is comfortable, but an additional footrest would be great. However when you steer in the wheelhouse  (one deck below) a perfect ergonomic seat is available. Maneuvering in the harbour with counter rotating propellers is not easy, so for safely docking we use the bow thrusters.

Our experience at sea confirms that the ILUMEN is stable in all conditions. To guarantee a pitch motion reduction and full motion damping, the yacht is equipped with a Seakeeper Gyro  stabilizer and a Humphree Active Ride Control trim system. Nevertheless these systems need to be properly programmed to prevent a counteraction when they are both enabled.

At sea the ILUMEN is easy to steer, we accelerated smoothly to reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. Unfortunately we did not succeed to have a full speed/consumption curve to find the perfect cruise- and most economic speed. Still during our trial we registered at 1800 RPM a speed of 13 knots, with a consumption of 103 liter per hour for each engine.  On this pleasant speed it must be possible to cruise more than 700 Nm. Because the ‘MY Kalliente’ has a semi displacement hull it is obvious that a lower economic speed is needed to  allow long ranges. We were told that the idea exists to even build a hybrid version, to obtain longer ranges above 3000 Nm. To discover more details about this yacht see our pictures, facts and figures.

Editor & pictures: Wim Vercauter

General Characteristics

Name model
Name shipbuilder
Name Naval architect/designer
Type of hull
Length Overall (m)
Hull beam (m)
Deep draught (m)
Displacement (kg)
CE category
MCA standard
Engine power (PK)
Fuel capacity (litre)
Freshwater capacity (litre)
Alberto Mancini & Dominator engineers
semi displacement (test version)
27,35 (with beach platform open)
1,75 (with propellers)
A (Ocean)
2x MAN V8 1200 HP (max.2x 2400)
11.800 (std. 9000)

Features and highlights

- solar controlled windows
- walk around gangway
- high freeboard
- roofed cockpit
- large fly bridge with sun roof
- whirlpool on the fly bridge
- 5 cabins all including a bathroom
- 30 m² owners cabin
- custom-made furniture
- active noise control system
- buffet in the saloon
- complete and larger kitchen
- two MAN diesel engines with useful life 2000 hours or 10 years
- flexible lightweight hull
- ocean seaworthiness
- MCA approved
- Fischer Panda Generators
- Seakeeper Gyro
- Humphree interceptors

Quick Review

- distinguish design
- sustainable materials
- mooring opportunities at many locations possible
- no step between cockpit and saloon
- owner’s cabin connected to front deck
- beautifully curved glass frontage
- rotating beach platform
- easy accessible fire hose in the cockpit
- removable solar canopy at front deck
- standard tender garage available
- use of filler and paint (no gelcoat)
- higher price range
- counteraction of stabilize systems possible
- engine room is very compact but accessible with stair
- seating post at fly bridge has no footrest
- the bow is vulnerable to damage (no extended railing or fixed fenders)
- thrusters are really needed for easy maneuvering
- lack of space in the wheelhouse

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