The website www.BoatTrial.com is the ultimate media resource for boat owners and enthusiasts. Our blog and digital media platform is focused on the European boating market. BoatTrial guides you to find your new boat and informs you about operating a boat. We bring you news from boat manufacturers and we do test runs with new boats. To give a new dimension to your water-sports fun… Read our test results and see our photo reportage’s made by our independent test editors and photographers.

Enjoy reading,

Editor-in-chief W.Vercauter

What can you find on our website?
News Page with a blog of various articles, news and press releases about boats.
Boat tests Page with test results of sea trial and test runs, offered in “technical reports” and “boat test articles”(*) all down-loadable for free in pdf format.
(*)REMARK:  All documents concerning new tests in 2013 will be available in Dutch, English and in the future some in French. Our current “technical reports” are available in English and Dutch. Some “boat test articles” are only available in Dutch. We do our best to translate them into English.
Boat builders Page with a list of boat and marine engine manufacturers and their website link, to find detailed information and boat dealers in your region.
Picture Gallery Page with a gallery of detailed pictures taken by our photographers during sea trials.
eMagazine Page with an annual publication with the best of (first copy expected in the future).

Who are we?
BoatTrial is an initiative of a non-profit organization Malot vzw which gives information, advice and training. The power of Malot is uniting experts, their slogan is “Where passion meets expertise”. Editors and photographers play the most important role in transforming facts and figures into a high quality journal article. To achieve our goal in this matter, we have a team with volunteers and freelancers consisting of passionate marine photographers, experienced editors and boat experts.

Below our core team at your service:
Wim, Marc, Rodolphe (water scooters, motorboats, sailboats, professional boats);
Louis (small sailling dinghy’s, racing keelboats);
Sabrine, Marc (marine photography)